Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is how the room started out

After some elbow grease and a lot of me sneezing, class was ready for some MAKERS.

         Welcome to all our MAKER friends and those who want to learn about MAKER.  Piner High School is very proud to be the first full MAKER class in the Santa Rosa City School District.  Piner has been choosen to be the pilot program for the district to hopefully spawn the district wide incorporation of MAKE programs in all schools in the SRCS. This will add to our already many great programs at PHS. Here at Piner we are incorporating many different aspects of MAKE into our pilot curriculum.  Our class projects will range from classroom build out, deconstruction, CO2 car building , robotics, textiles, rockets, airplanes,bridges and projects created by students.  We are all excited to be apart of the MAKER movement that promotes working with your hands, problem solving, team work , attention to detail, patience, pride, focus, and creativity.
           I hope you will join us throughout the year and watch as we grow.  Any input or support is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word about MAKER with family and friends.  It is for young and old, skilled craftsman to hobbiest, fine artists as well as simple doodlers.  Simply put, IT IS FOR EVERYONE!   Join us and be apart of something we all will enjoy..........

and don't forget 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012