Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wright Brothers would be very proud of Piner

The Gliders saga has come to an soaring end. The Piner High School Makers impress me daily with their attention to detail and focus.  This project was longer then we all expected, but is was worth all of the effort. Check out from beginning to end.

We started with basic principles of flight, vocabulary related to flight and building good old paper planes. Some students had never made a paper airplane.

After some basics, the students did some research and started on some basic airplane designs using balsa wood. They carved and shaped the wings the way they felt would allow for best lift for flight.

After we did some flight tests and more research on wing foil structure, large full scale drawings were done for templates and the building began.  All pieces were done by hand. No laser cutter was used, just good old hand tools. Look at the details. Symmetry is very important in flight. They did a great job.

 Sometimes things don't always work out.

The wings were covered with plastic wrap and heat was applied to shrink to a tight fit. 
 Yes .....They do fly

The Designers/ Engineers- Proud of their projects

I am very proud of these young men and women. Great Work!!!!! GO PINER!