Monday, April 15, 2013

Bring That Beat Back!!!!!

Ok, Check this out.  Some super cool projects from the MAKE GURUS at Piner High School. We have been deep into making IPOD dock stations.  Each student gets the chance to make their own dock station. Only one rule.  It cannot be a box. Check out their skillzzzzzzzz.

Start with design ideas.
Always a watchful eye.

Inspired by the great pyramids
 Shaping foam as a base for the project

 Maria making here cupcake. Way over dressed!

 Flame ON!

 It takes tons of detail work

 shaping the materials

 Great shot.  Speaker will go in the hole and mini amplifier will be placed inside.

 Easy to get it roughed in, hard to finish the fine details that makes it look awesome!
 Ready for primer

 Donut with first coat of primer

 Ready for second coat of primer.  First coat of pirmer was given a guide coat of different color, then sanded to find highs and low of the body work.

 Vince Lombardi  would be proud ( This is going to be the Lombardi Trophy for the Superbowl Champs)
 Silver base color! All together now ....OOOOOOHHHHH AAAAAHHHH!
 Donuts are nummy!
Phonograph for Star Wars
 play music till your hearts content
 Future Cake Ipod dock


Electrical Madness!

I know , I know, its been way too long since the last update. It has been really busy around Piner High School Make class. We have been soldering and building circuits out of old deconstructed electronics. Making something from old trash is always exciting. Check it out.

Task: Using old electrical junk, Find a fan, an LED and any switch. With teacher provided 9v battery
make the switch turn on the LED and fan.

Removing switches form old circuit boards

 Team work is an awesome part of Making